Mom Sneaks In To Film Toddler Dancing In Her High Heels, Has Internet In Stitches ( video)

Everyone knows that pop stars are made in front of bedroom mirrors, with a hairbrush for a microphone, a towel for a prop, and thousands of adoring fans all around. Well – maybe not the last part. But for this little girl, whose mom caught her pretending to be a star, she is on her way to internet stardom with a viral video! It’s hard not to be a star when you’re this adorable! The little girl, named Giovanna, obviously has a talented and fun mother who’s shown her the moves before, and who has a skill for being in the right place at the right time with a video camera.

The mom also noted on her YouTube page that when she takes her daughter to Sao Paulo, Brazil, she loves to watch the traditional flamenco dancing there. Whether it’s from her mom or the dancers in Brazil, this girl has obviously learned well. Or perhaps it’s her mother’s high-heels that make her into a fantastic dancer!

Scroll down to see the viral video clip.

Now, playtime in front of the mirror at home may seem like no big deal but for children, this is an important step in gaining self-awareness. As kids watch themselves they are gathering information about how their bodies move and how they may act. In fact, this little girl has watched her mother is now trying to imitate her moves to herself. Imagine the work her little brain is doing in trying to see if she looks like her mom! A mirror, in the end, is not just a narcissistic tool but something important for self-awareness.

And dancing is a crucial activity too! The Livestrong website claims that dancing’s numerous positive health effects are important for growing up big and strong as this girl is sure to do. Dancing helps kids to develop physical skills, like agility, flexibility, strength, and stamina. At the same time as children are developing physically, dancing can help them with socialization skills and self-esteem. If this girl enjoys dancing so much she joins in lessons and a team, then there’s definitely a bright future ahead for her!

Being in a team and interacting with other kids her age will help Giovanna to learn even more about dancing and social skills. The benefits of learning teamwork are almost too many to count but include leadership, cooperation, and the ability to listen to others and make decisions in a group. Finally, what one learns in winning and losing can help us to develop as people. One day, this girl might fit into her mother’s high-heels!

For now, though, this little girl is going to keep twirling in front of the mirror! With the music playing in her head and her feet swimming in her mom’s heels, this little girl is ready to be a star. With hard work and the skills she’ll learn from dancing and teamwork, maybe one day we will see with thousands of other fans all around her. Then this viral video will be popular all over again!