Mom Picks Up Cake From Bakery, Now She’s Calling The Baker Racist For How He Decorated It

When it comes to celebrating a child’s birthday, most parents don’t hold back from getting the whole kitten caboodle, as they want their child to have a memorable and happy birthday.

One Cleveland, Ohio grandmother will always remember her granddaughter’s birthday, but maybe not for the right reasons. After ordering two cakes for her special girl’s birthday, one came back with a misspelling that she found extremely offensive.

The first cake that she had ordered from the local supermarket was delivered with the correct spelling, as it was ordered by the grandmother, Ronell Tucker. But, the second misspelled the name of her six-year-old granddaughter and instead of writing out LaMiya, it read “LaNiga.”

Tucker assumed that the mistake was intentional because the first cake was special properly.

“I was very upset and angry and it felt like racism to me cause how do you get one cake wrong and one cake right. You had to notice the mistake,” the girl’s mother, Ashley Hayes, said.

Tucker went on to say that the mistake was not only intentional but it caused a lot of upset…

“That was not right at all and it really upset a lot of people at her party and her,” Tucker added.

Hayes said that she didn’t even notice the slur until she was taking photos of the cake during the party, which happened to be at the same time that the other partygoers noticed the mistake…

“All the other kids knew the words and they were like ooh they put that on her cake,” she said. “We were all in shock.”

Hayes called the store where the cakes were made and the Dave’s Supermarket store manager, bur Saltzman, informed her that it was an honest mistake and the cake decorator had a lot of cakes to make that day.

 “If you look at this ‘M’ could have been an ‘N’ and the ‘Y’ could have been a ‘N,’ ”  said Saltzman, who apologized to the family and admitted that the manager who first handled the complaint could’ve gone about it in a better manner. “The girl had a bunch of cakes that day,” he said.Hayes refused to believe that it was a mistake…

“It’s no mistake with an ‘M’ and an ‘N’ and a ‘G’ and a ‘Y.’  It’s no mistaking. It really upset me,” Hayes said.

Following the interaction with Saltzman, Hayes was pleased with how everything turned out and was no longer upset.

Commenters weighed in on what could’ve been an honest mistake…

“Give me a break !! Look at the order form and see that whoever wrote it was at fault with their style, and it was missread. Why on earth would someone deliberately call the child Niga when the order was given over the phone ???? Was it a video phone ??? Woman is BLM influenced to call this racist. Ridiculous !!! Keep the hate going, people.”

“Hahahahahaha! I can just imagine the girl making the cake was probably thinking that she had never heard this name before except in rap music. But seriously with all the different cultures we have in America how was she even to know what color the child was by the name? Was her color written on the order form? “This is a cake for a black child so be creative?” Black people like this woman have severe inferiority complexes. Seeing racism in cotton stalks, the national anthem, and historical monuments.”

Several commenters blamed the mom for her poor penmanship and the fact that she immediately jumped to playing the race card, accusing the cake decorator of being racist.