Mom Mourned At Her Son’s Grave For 16 Years, Then She Learned He May Not Be Buried There

Parents need to be there to support their kids, no matter what. It’s a crucial part of the job and one that far too many people take lightly. Kids can tell when their parents aren’t one hundred percent there for them and it’s really not fair – unless you are struggling to just get by, of course. They are the most important thing in your life.

To lose a child is absolutely one of the most traumatic things a person can experience. Missouri mother Sarah Postpichal was expecting a son 15 years ago. The pregnancy was going fine until the boy was stillborn due to a genetic issue with his brain.

She was able to bury her son after a nonprofit gifted her the cemetery plot. He was buried in a small casket and a statue was placed over that exact spot. Sarah returned there often for six months, when suddenly one day everything changed.

The statue was no longer by her son’s grave, but rather placed several feet away. Sarah demanded an answer as to why someone was messing with her unborn child’s grave, but they couldn’t tell her a single thing.

“Immediately I went into the cemetery office and asked why it had been moved. They had no answers,” she told WDAF. “All they ended up doing was gifting me a headstone and saying this is where your son is at. You’ll never lose him again.”

She was content for a bit, until once again something struck her as odd while visiting the cemetery. It was around Easter when she was placing some decorations around his grave, including pinwheels to blow in the wind. Her pinwheels struck something when she stuck them down into the dirt, which shouldn’t have happened given the depth of her son’s coffin.

The office claimed that the boy’s remains were at an exact 18 inches deep, which is apparently how deep they dig for cremated infant remains. Sarah could not believe her ears, considering her son had not been cremated at all. The cemetery was clearly lying at some point in the exchange, and now she wants to figure out the truth no matter what the cost.

“I don’t know where he’s at. I can’t protect him, and that’s my job. Even if he’s not physically here, it’s my job to protect him and I can’t because I can’t find him,” she continued.

Her new goal is to raise enough money to help dig up the grave so she can finally lay this matter – and her stillborn son – to rest. According to the cemetery, taking out the grave will cost around $4,800.

Sarah has set up a GoFundMe to try and raise the cash to identify her son’s remains, and in the 9 days it has been live it has only raised $473. If this story struck you, search “Find Weston’s Grave” on GoFundMe.

She is constantly trying to work with the cemetery to get them to assist with the funds, knowing that someone there messed with her son’s grave. But until she can convince them to dig the child up, where he son’s remains will continue to be a mystery, as well as a source of conflict.

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