Mom Has A Sixth Sense About Future Son-In-Law, Then Finds Photo To Confirm Her Suspicion

If you don’t believe in fate and fairytales, then you might change your mind after you read this story. Ed and Heidi were like most young couples. The tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony after having spent six years in a relationship that started when they were at Newcastle University together. Their relationship started in 2011 when Ed sent Heidi a text message asking about a dryer. The couple started dating almost immediately and the rest is history.

When it came time for Heidi’s mom, Kay Parker, to meet Ed, she sensed something about him, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Fast forward a bit and it was time for Kay to meet Ed’s mom, Fiona. Much in the same way that Ed and Heidi hit it off, their moms instantly connected and they had great conversations about sailing holidays that they had been on separate from one another in the past.

During one of their conversations about various trips they had taken, Kay mentioned Heidi’s cute little “holiday boyfriend,” she had when she was six years old. Like six-year-olds do, the two had claimed they were in love and held hands the entire vacation. Both Kay and Fiona laughed at the coincidence of her holiday boyfriend being named Ed and they moved on to other conversations.

When Kay went home later that night, she was driven by a sixth sense and felt the need to pull out those old photos of their past family sailing trips. When she came across the photo of Heidi and her holiday boyfriend, she put it aside and showed it to Fiona at their next meeting.

Fiona couldn’t believe what she was seeing when Kay presented the photo to her. It was her Ed as a six-year-old. The boy was clearly recognizable so many years later.

“I was screaming; it was just unreal,” said Heidi. “It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this.”

It turned out that this wasn’t the only photo of the two lovebirds and Fiona had managed to find some that she had taken on the vacation in Turkey so many years ago.

In all of London, these two managed to find each other at the university so many years later. If this isn’t fate, than it’s hard to say what is. These two were obviously destined to be together and they must’ve sensed a compatibility even back when they were only six-years-old.

Luckily Kay’s sixth sense led her to search for the photo, otherwise, these two would’ve never known that they were a “holiday item” when they were kids.

Commenters couldn’t help but share their praise for the feel-good story…

“That is so sweet….may God continue to Bless their lives.”

Surely this isn’t the first time such a coincidence has occurred between two people. Our paths cross for a reason and it looks like Heidi and Ed were simply meant to be. If they hadn’t reunited in college, then they most likely would’ve met somewhere else.