Exhausted Mom Gives Birth To Daughter After 40-Hour Battle Only To Have Dr. Look Between Legs And Freeze

Natural childbirth is something many women feel drawn to when they become pregnant. Bringing your child into the world without drugs and in a calm, soothing environment is ideal for most! That concept of natural childbirth is exactly what Nicole Ziesemer and her husband Matt wanted to do with their first child.

As Nicole’s pregnancy wore on, the pair found a great midwife, a fitting hospital and started buying all of the nursery furniture – they were going to be parents. It was really happening!

But no one could’ve expected Nicole’s birthing process to be so laborious and downright shocking…

Matt told the Grand Haven Tribune that he and Nicole were excited about going all-natural. They even decided to forgo the typical ultrasound appointments in order to keep everything technology-free.

“We decided not to do an ultrasound, just as little intervention as possible.”

They wanted to welcome their baby into the world with open arms, and with as little poking and prodding as possible. But when Nicole’s water broke more than four weeks early, the couple knew they didn’t have the option to follow their original birthing plan.

“We called our midwife because we were planning on doing a home birth, but since the babies were less than 36 weeks, we couldn’t do a home birth. So, we decided to go to Gerber Hospital in Fremont because they work well with our midwife and think more on the natural side of things.”

Matt and Nicole packed their bags and ran out the door – only to be stuck in a massive snowstorm. Matt did his best to get Nicole to the hospital quickly, but Mother Nature was against them. By the time the couple reached the hospital, it was the evening and Nicole’s contractions were ramping up.

The brave soon-to-be mother pushed with all of her might, but with no such luck. After 30 hours of violently intense pain, Nicole was finally willing to get a little help from modern medicine. Doctors induced labor and the pushing continued – for another 10 hours.

More than 48 hours after her water broke, Nicole held their daughter Blakeley close to her chest. Being a mother was the most incredible feeling in the world – but then Nicole’s doctor, Dr. Megan Forshee, discovered something shocking that turned their excitement upside down.

Dr. Forshee told Grand Haven Tribune when she reached inside Nicole to ensure everything was fine, she felt a tiny skull inching forward.

“I reached in to check the patient and realized there was a head… Very surprising to me thinking there was just one baby there, and very surprising to the couple, too.”

Matt and Nicole didn’t have time to react before she was pushing again. One hour after giving birth to Blakeley, the couple welcomed their son Cade into the world. Nicole said as soon as Cade was safe and sound, her mind started to churn. They had to do so much to get ready for their second baby!