Mom Confused Why Horse Bucks Little Girl Until His True Intentions Are Revealed Seconds Later

Equine lovers know that owning a horse is a huge commitment and an equally huge expense. But these massive, magnificent creatures quickly become an integral part of the family. Whether they’re owned for work, show, competition or pleasure, horses are magical creatures. And just like any other animal, temperaments vary from breed to breed. Clydesdales and percherons are incredibly huge draft horses originally bred as work horses. Others were made for speed like quarter horses and thoroughbreds. Some were just meant to be loved and rode around for fun, like the pony in the video below.

More than 3.2 million people have watched the hilarious antics of the spirited white pony known to his family as Lightning. The little girl sported a hot pink riding helmet and sat atop the pony bareback, clutching the reigns. But the pony decided to saunter into the filthy, muddy edge of a pond. Two other girls, likely her sisters, sat in their saddles on two horses nearby and laughed at the little girl’s predicament. Some horse owners will testify that their ponies can be quite moody, sneaky, mischievous little fellas. Even miniature ponies have a different temperament from standard ponies. This gal decided to give everyone watching a show.

As Lightning plodded out into the water, she channeled her inner naughty nature and paused briefly, the little girl peering down at the funky water below. She kicked and splashed around with her front legs. Then she kneeled down and leaned to her left, causing the little girl to panic. The look on her face is one of shock! She propped herself up on one leg and repositioned herself. But then, Lightning pulls a stunt that had the other girls and Mom–who recorded this on her phone-absolutely cracking up. See what the pony who paused for an impromptu romp does in the water. Thank goodness she was unharmed and had a good laugh, too.