Man Bit, Kicked, And Beat His Dog – Only Gets Sentenced To 21 Days In Jail

If you no longer want your dog, there are agencies that you can surrender your dog to who will take them in without questions, a fee, or judgment. They will keep your dog safe and find it a new loving home.

Unfortunately, all too many people don’t do this.

They abuse and neglect their dog rather than give them up to someone who can properly care for it. That’s how some who are ill-equipped to care for a dog end up killing them. reports that this was the unfortunate fate of a dachshund puppy after a 32-year-old abused and left it for dead.

This goes far beyond your standard abuse. This savage actually bit his puppy and was sentenced to 21 days imprisonment for its murder. The 32-year-old gave an “unreserved confession” in a Bergen District Court and explained that he violently abused the dog between June and October 2015.

He also invited his friends to help him abuse the dog.

The judgment states that several men would occasionally beat the tiny dog “in a way that was both painful and offensive to the dog.” The poor little dog would whine and try to flee from the abuse. At one point the dog suffered long-term pain in the ribs as a result of its beatings.

The 32-year-old was also accused of biting the dog until it was sore. He then left the dog alone and without supervision in a gravely injured state for an entire day and just left the dog to die.

“Due to the unreserved confession, the imprisonment sentence is conditional, but with a probationary period of two years,” reports.

The 32-year-old man was also forbidden to have a dog for five years.

“The court shows in particular that in this case there is talk of relatively long-term gross violence against and neglect of the same dog puppy, and that the victims have also explained earlier – and partly extensive – failure in dog teams, the court writes in the judgment,” stated.

If you ask us, this sick individual should never be allowed to have dog ever. We can’t imagine what abuse this individual must have endured in his own life in order to abuse an adorable dog in such a way.

I mean you have to be a real sicko to bite a dog. Though the sentence might be on the lenient side, we’re glad that he was prosecuted.

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