Little Girl Suddenly Screams While Easter Egg Hunting, Captured Footage Sending Chills

Searching for Easter eggs is one of the best parts of the holiday! The brightly colored eggs could be anywhere, and children all over the globe do their best to scope them out. Whether they’re traditional hard-boiled eggs, plastic ones with candy or cash stuffed inside, or delicious chocolate eggs, they’re always fun to find! So when this little lady began her Easter egg hunting mission, she was focused. After locating all the eggs on one side of the yard, she turned her attention to the other. She had no idea that a slithering creature was searching for the same eggs!

While it may seem like odd behavior for snakes to eat eggs, it’s actually an essential part of their diet. The Idaho Public Television website explains that eggs are an excellent source of protein, just like birds, mice, chipmunks, frogs, and other small rodents. However, eggs are a preferred source of protein because, unlike other animals, eggs don’t move or try to escape! That’s why this snake started slithering toward the Easter egg as soon as Dad placed it carefully on the ground! The egg looked like an easy meal, and this snake wasn’t going to pass that up. But when the girl came too close to its precious egg, the snake did what they’re known to do! It hissed and tried to bite her!

Thankfully, the girl was far enough away that the snake wasn’t able to reach her! She let out a loud scream and the family rushed over to see what was the matter. That’s when they saw the slithery snake and watched as it tried to reclaim the egg! Take a peek at this frightening moment for yourself in the video below. If you plan on hiding Easter eggs this year, be sure to place them somewhere snakes (or other curious creatures) can’t access!