It’s Being Called The Most Badly Botched Plastic Surgery Ever, Photo Goes Viral

When an anonymous woman decided to get her rhinoplasty operation done, she didn’t look for the best surgeon in town. Instead, she sought out the doctor who would operate on her face for as cheap as possible. But when she realized that the nose job was botched, she decided to come forward and expose the clinic for its horrible malpractice. As you can see in the image she shared, a piece of silicone is now protruding out of the top of her nose between her eyes. It is a shockingly bad job.

The woman from Thailand got the job done at a clinic in Hat Yai, but since the job was done poorly, the clinic “took no responsibility” to fix the damage they did to the woman’s face.

Hat Yai is in the southern part of Thailand. And although she has come forward to expose the clinic’s horrible mistake, it is unclear if she plans to take legal action against them to get her nose fixed.

Although she hired the clinic to give her a more pronounced nose, they did not deliver on their promise. She began to experience a lot of infections and quickly grew worried that something was wrong.

Silicone implants are common during rhinoplasties to help patients achieve the look they desire. Asian cultures reportedly use silicone implants more often because they usually have less cartilage in their noses. This means they do not have as much natural definition in general.

But for this Thai woman, the inflammation around the place of the surgery was very uncomfortable. And then the unthinkable happened. The silicone implant began to reveal itself between her eyes at the top of her destroyed nose.

Now the woman’s nose is cratered. And out of the hole, the silicone piece sticks out.

Because the clinic does not seem to be willing to accept responsibility for the botched nose job, the woman shared the photos onto social media where they quickly went viral.

And while the horrible fate of this woman is currently unclear, other plastic surgeons are showing the photos to prospective patients as a warning. If you sacrifice quality for a low price, this could be the result of the nose job surgery.

Mail Online readers shared their reaction in the site’s comment section. The following responses are some of the most popular ones:

“Plastic surgery in Thailand is a minefield. It’s just luck of the draw.”

“This is why you research plastic surgeons and their credentials.”

“Just wear some glasses, and no one will notice,” one London reader suggested.

“People tend to think a rhinoplasty is a simple procedure. Wrong. It is a complicated procedure that takes years to learn the aesthetic side and the surgical side. But the most important thing for the surgeon to learn, as with their patients, is that the nose does not like to be operated on. While healing it can change shape. It is also prone to many degrees of failure. From complete absorption (from bone or cartilage from your own body) of implanted material to, as in this case, extrusion of implanted material.”