It Took 23 Years To Build This House, And The Pictures Look Like It May Have Been Worth The Wait

It takes a particular type of person to willingly live in one of the harshest places on earth. But out in the Mojave Desert, a 225-acre ranch has now been put on the market. Complete with a helipad and a vintage “wild west” jail cell, this desert retreat is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their time in the scorched earth of eastern California. The home has gone on the market and is listed for sale at $4.5 million. It is unclear if a buyer will snatch up this place or not.

The property does include a self-sustaining lily pond to help you cool off if the desert heat becomes too overbearing.

Named the Mojave Rock Ranch, this vacationland is located in Joshua Tree, California. And the home is built from stones and bottles. The gorgeous desert landscape surrounds it in all directions. And the land is painted with the stern sun and thousands of cacti.

The ranch is walking distance to the city of Coachella. And the magnificent home was carved out of the desert landscape by landscape designer Gino Dreese and interior designer Troy Williams.

The pair spent 23 years creating this home which has been called “The Jewel of Joshua Tree.” And while the home is amazing, the outdoor space is world-class and certainly worth the steep price point.

With a year-round pool, you can always stay cool while enjoying the desert heat. And with temperatures that never get too cold, this home could be the perfect escape for someone looking to leave the devastating winters of the north.

But the house’s appeal goes beyond its location. Because it was built from bottles, when the sun hits it at the perfect angle, the sunlight gets refracted into colorful rays that give the house extraordinary luminescence.

Only a lover of the desert would be interested in this home. And for someone who does love the harsh California landscape, the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom add to the appeal. They all appear to have been carved out of the rock.

Gino and Troy have put the home on the market because they want to travel the world. And they hope to use the money from the sale to fund that dream.

If you’ve never been to Joshua Tree, it is worth the visit. While I was attending college in Los Angeles, I took several trips out to the desert for the weekend. I would camp in the heat and feel its blasting power against my face. If there is any place in the world that makes you feel connected to the earth, it is the desert. With its utter simplicity, it can help anyone get back to the basics of what is important.

While the asking price is high, scroll through these photos, and you’ll fall in love with the Jewel of Joshua Tree.

“We want to travel like crazy. Our goal is to visit every country in the world to learn about plants, animals, and different cultures. It is our passion,” said Gino.

What do you think about this unique home?