If You Can Find The Woman Hiding In This Painting You’re Considered To Have An Above Average IQ

Body painting is an amazing art and not one to be taken on lightly. One artist painted jeans onto a model and asked her to walk the streets of New York City without any real pants on – and no one even saw her! While that might not be considered fine art, it certainly demonstrates the power of body painting and what it can do.

But for the past year, German artist Jörg Düsterwald has specialized and focused on body painting. And he is certainly among the best in the world. Below you’ll see a sample of what he can do. And his images are so well camouflaged that only those with high IQs can make out where the model is in the image. Take a close look at these beautiful images and try to find the model. Share your results in the comments below!

Many of her pieces are truly captivating. Personally, I am blown away by how this man works. But one recent work of art has entertained thousands of users on social media when Jörg asked them to find the hidden woman. And many struggled. They did not have higher enough IQs to tackle the challenge he set forth before them.

Can you spot the woman camouflaged in the picture? Below we’ve included a series from the famed body painter and want you to stretch your mind to find the female hidden within.

The German artists used her body painting skills to camouflage the mystery woman and hide her within the autumn landscape.

Can you see her in the picture? If you can, you have a special ability few others possess.

Did you spot the woman hidden in the autumn landscape in less than 5 seconds? Then you are truly special. In here, she is hidden among the foliage and is not an easy one to find.


In the second image we have for your today, the female model is hidden somewhere within this nature image. Is she in the trees, on the rocks or among the trees? We’ll let your IQ work hard for you to figure out the truth about where this woman hides.


Among the trees in this wooded scene, a woman hides in plain sight. While it might sound easy to find her, it is not as easy in practice. Do you see her? Or are you still searching for her among the leaves and trees?


In the final image, the woman becomes clearer to the naked eye. Because she is disguised in a colorful array designed to look like fallen leaves, she stands out from the greens and earth tones on the ground.


If you’re interested in body painting watch the video below to learn more! Body painting is certainly an art form that requires a lot of talent. And because the tools of the trade keep evolving with new technology, the art is changing all the time.

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