Homeless Veteran Agrees To Makeover Only Transformation So Drastic No One Recognizes Him After

It’s easy to turn a blind eye when you see a homeless person standing on the street holding a sign, but it’s the question of how they got there that we should all be asking ourselves. Jim Wolf is a United States army veteran that like so many other veterans is homeless. For decades Jim has struggled with homelessness, poverty and unfortunately alcoholism but in 2013 he volunteered to undergo a makeover that would be filmed. Little did anyone know just how drastic the transformation would be.

Jim stares at the camera as various people around him start to transform him. It all starts with a simple haircut that makes a huge difference on the appearance of his face. From there his beard is trimmed for a much cleaner, well-groomed look. The stylist even colors Jim’s hair for a much brighter look that naturally brings out a much healthier looking glow to his skin. Now sporting a well groomed, shorter look the stylist jumps in and removes Jim’s old clothing. He then begins to button up a clean white shirt on him and that’s when the change starts to really show.

Jim continues to stare into the camera lens, not knowing just how different he looks yet. He is then given a tie and a beautiful blue suit that immediately brings out the color of his eyes. He looks like a completely different person. The stylists finish up with their last few touches before unveiling the new look to Jim. He smiles just before the director, named Rob Bliss, brings out a large mirror to show him his new look. The reveal is completely shocking as he stands to give the director a hug. After the makeover Rob kept in touch with Jim to learn that he was taking control of his life and showing improvement. Unfortunately, Jim reverted back to his old habits after a few months but we hope he has finally gotten the care he needs to get his life back on track. Sometimes just showing compassion towards another person is the first tiny step, but as evident in Jim’s case, it’s not easy and it’s a battle one must work through every single day.