Here Are Signs Your Body Has A Month Before A Heart Attack That Few People Are Aware Of

Understanding the signs of a heart attack could allow you to spot it happening a month in advance. With 700,000 people suffering a heart attack each year and heart disease and strokes topping the list of the leading causes of death, arming yourself with this information can be critical. Understand and be aware of the following symptoms and, if you’re experiencing any of these, see a doctor:

Body Weakness: With a lack of blood flow in the month leading up to a heart attack, you may experience unusual body weakness due to the narrowing of arteries causing weakened muscles.

Dizziness: Again, the lack of blood flow can cause you to feel dizzy, with the lack of circulation impeding blood flow to the brain.

Cold Sweats: Decreased blood flow can also present itself as cold sweats or a cold, clammy feeling.

Chest Pain: Most people would agree that chest pains and tightness are the single biggest sign of a heart attack, but pay attention to pain that presents itself in your arms, back or shoulders too.

Flu-like Symptoms: This one may be overlooked because it appears you just have the flu, but heart attack victims report that they had flu-like symptoms in the month prior to their heart attack.

Fatigue: If you have constant fatigue, the lack of blood flow could be to blame. Consider seeking medical attention if you’re consistently more tired than usual.

Shortness of Breath: With a lower blood flow and lack of oxygen to the lungs, you may find yourself struggling to catch your breath.

Stomach Upset or Pain: Nausea, heartburn, indigestion and abdominal pain may be nothing or they may be a sign of a larger issue, so consult a doctor if these symptoms persist.

Commenters weighing in on the YouTube video about these heart attack symptoms found the information useful, with some noting that watching it gave them anxiety:

“Watching this video, seeing all symptoms making me feel like I’m having a heart attack right now.”

Another person shared their personal experience, writing:

“I had a heart attack October 21, 2016…A week before I noticed my left arm feeling numb at times…First thing I noticed during the heart attack was I felt like I was burning up and sweating very badly…Then about 5 minutes later I felt very weak and passed out..After coming to in the ambulance, my upper back between my shoulder blades started hurting very badly….When they got me to the hospital they put one stent in my heart and I stayed in the hospital for two days. The doctor set up surgery and on November 22nd I had bypass surgery…Lots of pain after surgery but doing ok so far.”

Another commenter shared:

“There was one night I thought I was having a heart attack…Come to find out it was not a heart attack (thank God) but GERD and I had all sorts of tests done in order to determine if I was also experiencing congestive heart failure too. Those turned out fine, but they were definitely eye-openers. I always get a bit anxious whenever I feel heartburn or twinges in the chest though. I have since begun monitoring my blood sugars every night and also take my blood pressure too just to make sure all is well. Simply put, don’t play games with your health. The only one who loses is you.”