Here are 30 of the best bird photos of 2017. They’re simply incredible

Birds are beautiful and majestic creatures. They come in all sort of incredible, vivid colors in so many shapes and sizes. However, they are also mysterious and hard to capture through photographs since they’re always on the move or in flight.

The Bird Photographer of the Year competition began in 2015 and entries began to flood in. Categories in the competition include ‘Best Portrait,’ ‘Birds in Flight,’ ‘Bird Behavior,’ and even ‘Young Bird Photographer,’ which is a category for photographers under the age of 16.

We found 30 of the best entries, and, of course, the winner of this year’s Bird Photographer of the Year competition.

The beauty captured in these photos is absolutely incredible.

1. Perfectly titled “The Battle.”

2. This was the winner for the Best Portfolio of 2017.

3. A tiny bird’s attempt at flight is captured here.

4. A small bird flings his catch in the air before enjoying his meal.

5. A Grey Heron peeks his face beneath his beautifully-detailed wing.

6. A Willow Grouse blends perfectly into their environment.

7. The blur of hundreds of birds.

8. Vivid blues and greens peer out from the neutral browns.

9. The intense stare of an owl taking flight.

10. A Cygnet snuggles up in the softness of white down feathers.

11. An owl is one with their environment.

12. A Woodpecker gets a glimpse of their reflection.

13. Spreading it’s wings to fly, a Red Kite takes to the sky.

14. Gorgeous pastels can be seen in this Cormorant wing.

15. Seagulls passing over a fox create an epic shot.

16. A Barn Owl flies through a backyard.

17. Chicks cry out from their nest.

18. A pelican comes in for landing.

19. A fish’s last view.

20. The view from below.

21. So much vivid yellow.

22. Textures become apparent within the details of a pelican’s face.

23. A Pied Crow shows off his bravery in a scuffle with a White-backed vulture.

24. Flying high above the mountain peaks, a Condor soars.

25. Stork toes.

26. A pair of Coots battle on the water.

27. Calling out to the morning sun. The gold winner of the Young Photographer award.

28. Hovering overhead, a Barn Owl appears in the night.

29. Even bird moms act as chauffeurs for their kids.

30. Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the 2017 Bird Photographer of the Year competition.

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