Her New Dog Won’t Stop Growling, And That’s When She Makes A Terrifying Discovery

Whoever first coined the phrase the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend” was not wrong. They hit on a truth that millions of pet owners can relate to. But few people have such evidence as Kailey’s owners. She was a poor dog that was left unloved in a shelter for more than a year before her current loving owners swooped in and took her home. But once she was adopted and brought into the house, Kailey began to act strangely.

Her owners were worried when she began to growl for no reason. But thankfully they put their trust in Kailey, their pet dog. And doing so just about saved their lives.

Kailey had a difficult time before making it to her forever home. Jacqueline Berlin helped make it easier. She fostered Kailey for a year. Jacqueline saw the potential in Kailey when everyone else had given up hope on her for no good reason. She was an adorable dog but just hadn’t gotten the luck of the draw.

Kailey did have one trait that scared away potential owners. And Jacqueline told Fox 5 Atlanta all about it.

“Her one issue was that something has happened to her in her past so that if you try to touch her and she did not know you, she would snap at you. Because of her issue, it was really hard to get her adopted.”

A dog that snaps can scare away many potential pet owners. If they have small kids, they would automatically avoid adopting Kailey. Although she had this “issue,” Jacqueline knew she had so much potential to be an amazing pet.

During her stay with Jacqueline, she posted a picture of Kailey on Facebook that helped people see beyond her rough first impression. Her message, which described Kailey as an introvert, touched the heart of Suzy Chandler. She wanted Kailey to come home with her.

“The story of what she had been through and it just pulled on our heartstrings, we just thought we would be the perfect people for her,” said Suzy. “It was a perfect match.”

She fell in love with Kailey and then took her home. Little did she know, but it would change her life forever.

After just a few days in her new home, Kailey relaxed and began to open up to Suzy and the family. But then Kailey snapped. It shocked Suzy.

“All of a sudden she just started barking and looking at us and growling, like trying to get our attention and I said well what’s the matter with her.”

Kailey had a message for Suzy.

“She pulled me directly over to the side yard. Right away I smelled overpowering gas and a loud whooshing sound.”

The house was about to blow!

Suzy called 911, and the firefighters rushed to the scene. They confirmed that Kailey had found a deadly gas leak. If the dog had not have been there, Suzy’s family would probably not be here today to tell their story about their beloved rescuer.

“She is our hero dog because we do not know what the outcome could have been,” said Suzy.