Her Children Were Throwing A Tantrum In Target. A Stranger Walked Up To Mom And Said 5 Words


If you’ve ever witnessed a child having a meltdown in public, you may have wanted to say something to the parent… or maybe you just moved on, especially if you’ve experienced the same thing as a parent. Tantrums happen and sometimes in public. What this stranger did when she witnessed a very public toddler and baby’s meltdown was completely unexpected, however.

It truly takes a village sometimes. This stranger’s small act of kindness helped a very frazzled mom finish her shopping at Target. Rebecca Patterson had some shopping to do, but had her hands full with an infant and toddler. The baby started crying and the sibling joined in, creating a bit of a scene as they both screamed and cried. While she tried to soothe them, all bets were off, as she was just one mom trying to calm two children.

Understandably, the situation drew a lot of judgy looks from others shopping in the store and she was prepared to bail, explaining: “I started putting things away on the shelf and was about to leave when she came over to help.”

Rebecca heard a voice behind her, asking, “Do you need some help?”

Tiffany Guillory stepped in to help Rebecca so she could finish her shopping. Once Rebecca got over the shock of a total stranger offering her assistance, she agreed, and Tiffany picked up the toddler and started to rock him. Rebecca took care of calming the baby and soon both children were manageable again.

If Tiffany hadn’t stepped in with her offer, Rebecca would have had to leave without the things she came for. Tiffany was definitely a real life angel that day and Rebecca decided to share a photo of Tiffany and her story on social media to praise the kind gesture.

She wrote on Facebook: “Shout out to this wonderful, kind woman named Tiffany. My 2-year-old and 2-month-old were both having meltdowns at the same time in Target. I started putting things away on the shelf and was about to leave when she came over to help. She walked with me while I got the essentials needed for the day and kept hold of my toddler while he calmed down. She saved me today, moms! I am so sleep-deprived and was running on empty. A little kindness and understanding goes a long way. I’ll definitely be paying it forward if I see a poor mom in need of help. Thanks, Tiffany, you’re an angel.”

Tiffany later explained how Rebecca had reacted to her offer, noting: “I said, ‘Do you need some help’ and (she) never said anything, but her motion was like ‘Yes!’”

Many people on social media applauded Tiffany’s helpful act of kindness, with one person writing: “Love when mamas help one another out! Thank you ma’am for helping this stressed out mama!” and another adding: “I have done the same thing for a woman. I had 4 kids, I understand. Totally. What an act of kindness.”

Another commenter thought this could be a huge service to frazzled moms, noting: “Sounds like a service to me — would love to start a business for moms that need help when shopping /errands — sometimes children are having a rough time and mom has stuff to get done.”