Heartbroken Dad Bursts In To Console Rejected Teen Daughter Only To Learn The Judges Lied

Gabby Barrett says she wouldn’t have been able to audition for “American Idol” if it wasn’t for her doting dad, Blase. He works as a maintenance man for Goodwill by day and cleaning man by night, and has sacrificed so much just to help make his daughter’s dreams come true. 17-year-old Gabby describes Blase as her “rock.”

In the emotional clip below, Gabby auditions for “American Idol” in front of judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with a Carrie Underwood song. But the judges ask her to choose a more emotional tune that showcases her genuine vocal talent — and not one that emulates Carrie Underwood. So, Gabby decides to a song from church… and it changes the outcome of her audition completely.

But as Blase listens in from behind the closed doors, he fears Gabby’s dreams have been crushed. When Katy Perry pops her head out and asks him to come into the audition room to console her, he realizes the worst has happened, and that Gabby has been rejected from the competition. Little does he know his daughter teamed up with all three judges for a twist he never sees coming. I haven’t seen anything like this happen during “American Idol” auditions, but his reaction is totally priceless.