He Was Getting Bullied At School, So Mom Approved Plastic Surgery To Change His Looks

Being a teenager these days must be exhausting. Thanks to advances in social media, bullies have more avenues then ever to make fun of kids – and it doesn’t end when they leave school. No matter where these poor kids are, bullies can send them targeted messages to ensure that their self-confidence never improves. Ryan, 15, was so badly bullied that he asked his mom to home school him.

Ryan’s bullies focused on one thing about his physical appearance and made him feel incredibly self-conscious about it. He couldn’t stop thinking about how his ears stuck out from his face, a very common physical trait.

50 years ago, someone with big ears didn’t really have many options to improve their looks. But they also didn’t live in a time where people constantly take pictures of themselves and post them on social media for all to see.

Ryan started researching options to fix the situation and get his confidence back. The only option in his mind was to have the ears tapered back through surgery, but his parents obviously weren’t crazy about that idea.

“The kids would call me little elf, they would say, ‘Hey dumbo, why don’t you go fly away?’ I mostly just walk away, but whenever I walk away they just call me a little girl,” he said on an episode of The Doctors.

“Being teased by all these kids just destroyed my confidence, to the point that I just want to stay home and not even go to school anymore.”

Ryan told his mother he wanted to be homeschooled, which broke his mother’s heart. Soon, Ryan managed to fix his problem all on his own – by getting in touch with The Doctors.

The popular show seeks to help out people in need of surgery or medical attention they can’t afford. Ryan’s story caught their eye and they brought him on the show.

Ryan soon went under the knife and had his ears fixed back further against his head. It is a painful procedure, but the young boy felt it was worth it to stop the bullying in its tracks.

After recovering from the surgery, he appeared on The Doctors once more and blew the audience’s minds! He looks completely different with the one change to his appearance.

His mom Lynda couldn’t have been happier, telling The Doctors, “It’s just nice to see him back to his old self. When he was younger, he was perfectly fine until junior high hit and then the kids were pretty cruel.”

Plastic surgery can be overdone, as all of us have seen in some terrible celebrity examples. But a kid like Ryan’s entire life changed all because of one little incision and the removal of a small bit of skin.

It is great that Ryan is feeling better about himself now, but it’s important to remember that we all have our unique traits that make us different than anyone else. Plastic surgery is amazing, but it needs to be used with caution.

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