He Dresses Up For a Date And Drives 45 Minutes, Arrives To Discover Heartbreaking Truth

After being single for years, it’s hard to will yourself to start dating again and put yourself out there. The chance of getting your heart broken is always present, but many people realize the vulnerability is worth the potential rejection!

Gabby Foresta’s 73-year-old grandfather, Jim Moroney, did exactly this when friends and family members encouraged him to start dating again!

With a little hesitation, Jim signed up for a Match.com profile and began to speak to women his age who were also looking for love!

Shortly after posting his profile for the world to see, a woman reached out to Jim and the two planned a romantic date 45 minutes away from his home in California. Jim donned his nicest buttondown dress shirt and sweater, gave Gabby a hug goodbye and set off for his date.

On the way to the meeting spot, Jim even stopped off to buy a dozen gorgeous red roses and a box of chocolates. He wanted to make a great first impression! But when Jim arrived at the destination, and the woman was nowhere to be found, his heart sank.

Jim waited for a while before realizing that his date wasn’t going to show up. With a heavy heart, he drove all the way back home to his family, who were all eager to hear what happened.

As soon as Jim told his beloved granddaughter that the date was a flop, she took to Twitter to share her outrage.

“My grandpa got all dressed up for his date, drove 45 minutes away, bought her chocolate and flowers and he got stood up.”

She snapped a quick photo of Grandpa Jim, as well as the roses he bought, and shared them in the post as well.


Gabby’s post about her grandfather’s misfortune began to spread around the Internet like wildfire. People from all of the world shared their condolences and sympathy – almost all of them were eager to tell Jim to keep putting himself out there!

Jim told Buzzfeed that he’s keeping his head up about the whole thing.

“You know what, this is the way the dating scene is. I hope that I find someone truthful, loving, and that has compassion. I’m looking for that special woman.”

Even though his very first date didn’t go as planned, Jim isn’t giving up anytime soon!


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