He Cheats On Her Because She’s “Fat.” So She Looses Over 100 Pounds, Refuses To Take Him Back

When a partner cheats, it is like a knife stab to the heart. The betray runs deep. Not only because they were supposed to be committed to you, but because they made a marriage vow that said they’d always be true. Some people forgive their disloyal lovers. Others, like 25-year-old Lisseth Exposito from Northfleet, United Kingdom, see the opportunity to move on. Lisseth divorced her cheating husband. But his reason for cheating hurt more than normal. She had gained weight during their first pregnancy because she and her husband, Jose, ate full English breakfasts, McDonald’s and other unhealthy meals. Jose didn’t gain weight, but Lisseth packed on the pounds. And her husband didn’t like it, so he went looking for skinnier tail elsewhere. He constantly called her “fat” and emotionally abused her. This stress caused her to eat even more.

“I’d catch Jose looking at me in disgust. As I ate my dinner on the sofa, I’d hear him mutter ‘fat girl,’ as crumbs bounced off my belly,” Lisseth noted in her interview with the Daily Mail. “It started with little digs, but soon it was cruel jibes. I was desperate to be the curvaceous hourglass girl he had fallen for, but I had no willpower or self-esteem to diet.” She also continued to say, “Jose wouldn’t show me any affection and food became even more of a friend,” she said. “The words made my stomach flip and I hit an all-time low. Food became the only thing to give me a moment of happiness. I was eating around 4,000 calories a day.”

Lisseth discovered evidence of his infidelity. When she confronted Jose, he blamed his cheating on her weight.

“I got hold of his phone and found myself scrolling through texts, and hundreds of incriminating texts littered his inbox. I felt disgusted, but something changed in me. When his key turned in the door that evening I pounced and told him what I’d found,” she continued to say to the Daily Mail. “He didn’t deny it and told me it was my fault as I was so fat. He told me I’d always be ugly. I was devastated, but determined. This man would never hurt me again.”

Lisseth filed for divorce. She saw it as a chance at a new beginning. And she was determined to lose weight.

Although doctors recommended that she got gastric bypass surgery, she wanted to show her children that she could lose weight all on her own. She started exercising and eating better. Before she knew it she had lost 126 pounds. And Jose looked like a fool.

Because he now thought his ex-wife was “hot”, like a dog, Jose tried to get her back.

“Every weekend, Jose would pick up Lissmar and do a double take as he looked at me. Then one Friday he told me I was looking hot,” she said. “I closed the door on him. I would never let him back in my life. I am a role model to my daughter and I proved him wrong.”