Handsome Man Can’t Stop Laughing Discovering Adopted Dog’s ‘Bizarre’ Vocabulary

When Drew went to the dog shelter looking for a best friend, he had no idea that such a strange pup was about to make its way into his life. Drew walked the line of kennels and tried to pet several dogs – but it wasn’t until he came across the cage of a dog making an odd sound that something clicked in his heart. The pup was making a noise that was unlike anything he had ever heard. Was this a dog? Or was the creature sitting before him secretly a seal?

Without thinking twice, Drew ran to the front office and filled out paperwork. This unique pup was coming home with him! The pupper, a sweet 9-year-old pitbull mix named Dennis, was thrilled to leave the shelter and head to his new fur-ever home. But instead of barking or whimpering in excitement, Dennis made the same pig-seal squeal that caught Drew’s attention in the first place. Drew busted out laughing and hasn’t stopped since the day he brought Dennis home!

Now the pair are the best of friends and spend every waking moment together. They love to explore their home country of Australia and share Dennis’ “laugh” with people from all corners of the globe. No one can believe that such an interesting noise comes from such a normal-looking dog! Take a peek at this fascinating “talking” dog in the video below. Dennis’ life was rough before meeting Drew, but now they live like kings and giggle their way across the country! Hopefully, Dennis’ story is proof that just because a dog is different or has a difficult background, doesn’t mean that it’s any less capable of love. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this sweet pup and his loving owner!