Guy Stacks Thousands Of Pieces Of Wood Into Stunning Works Of Art. Check Out 13 More Photos Here

Ever since I was in college, I believed that every profession – whether a custody, a nurse, or a painter – could be artistic. While certainly not in the standard sense of ‘art’ as what a painter or musician produces, but creativity is not restricted to the ‘conventional’ forms of art that you learn about in school. With attention to the process and passion, every person can turn their chosen profession into something great. They can transform their ‘boring’ job into an expression of art, an expression of beauty.

Now photographs are spreading across the internet that demonstrate how lumberjacks are turning log piling into an art form. There are people out there who create beautiful patterns as they stack piles of logs, creating beautiful, intricate pictures as they go along.

While these piles of logs still serve a useful purpose – they will be burned as a heat source as winter goes along – they create a gorgeous display while they are still piled in the yard.

Watch the video below to check out these amazing earthen displays and describe your reactions in the comments!

In this first image, which appears to be a fallen tree, you can see how upon closer inspection, each piece of it is a cut of firewood. The creator assembled the pieces to create a mosaic that takes the shape of a fallen tree.

Up next we have two images, depicting animal scenes. One is of a hog, the other of an owl. These popular images have made the rounds across the internet over the last few months. But since the lumberjack art has been compiled into this one thread, people are seeing how it connects with the rest of the pieces. Both of these displays are creative and well executed. Plus, they might even serve as a way to ward off deer, crows, and other annoying wildlife from entering your property and eating your plants.

Besides creating images from the felled logs, some artists have made shapes. For example, the round wood log display is immaculate. Although this is beautiful, commenters have indicated how “I wouldn’t be able to disturb the symmetry so I’d get pretty cold.” Others worry that this one is not too practical – “pull the wrong piece out and there goes that pile of wood…”

This spiral wood display seems to be something straight out of Lord of the Rings. I don’t know about you, but if this was in my backyard, I could see myself climbing to the top of the spiral every single morning to gather the firewood and bringing it back to my wood stove. What’s great about this is that you can enjoy the display and get a little exercise by taking it apart piece by piece rather than destroy the beauty of it when you need wood to burn.

Other images were are sharing here include the fire wood tower, which is big enough to use as a fort or man cave. We’re also sharing a Totoro Mosaic and a fish image made of wood.

Which of these lumberjack art displays would you vote for?