Guy Notices Rain Sounds Very Different, Heads Outside To Scene He Never Thought Possible

There are a whole lot of natural disasters happening across the world these days, but have you ever heard of it raining fish?

Evidently, this is a thing in Mexico City. When it rained on Tuesday in the coastal city of Tampico, there were a few finned friends included amongst the precipitation. Civil defense officials reported the incident and shared some photos of four small fish in a bag, and another on a sidewalk.

So what gives? Is the weather in this world so bizarre that fish are starting to fall from the sky?

There is one major thought regarding this odd occurrence. There is a belief that when tornadoes pick up speed over bodies of water, they are known as waterspouts and they have the strength to suck the fish into the air. The fish can then be blown around until they are released and eventually fall to the ground. This is a phenomenon according to the U.S. Library of Congress but we are unsure whether or not there was actually a tornado in that area recently.

Some commenters are really going to the extreme and accusing God of showing off his power…

“Remember when Jesus on more than one occasion fed people with fish from heaven. Well, this fish in Mexico wasn’t to feed them, but it was to show that he is in charge. And that we would see signs from above in signs from beneath. There was no tornado that delivered the fish. But secular people could only come up with something they can see. God is doing signs to show and with many other ways to call sinners to repentance. In the last 30 or so years, the majority of Americans have left godly principles. And have turned there back on god. I tell you the truth from his word things will get much much worse globally.”

And others, as usual, are bringing up politics…

“I shared a Facebook post by God last year, saying if Trump gets elected he will be the “last president” of the USA (because it will signal the end of the world). The prophecy may already be coming true. Scientists are trying to rationalize this first plague, as they did in ancient Egypt.”

And then there were those who made some pretty creative jokes about the rare incident…

“Reportedly, many people looked up, saw it raining fish, and shouted out “OH MY COD!!!!”

“It cod them by surprise.”

“There’s an old saying that was tailor-made for a circumstance like this: Carpe Diem – seize the carp….”

“It was Taco Tuesday, but the small fish left locals with bigger fish to fry…”

Others decided that maybe it was time to purchase their own fly fishing rods so they can really catch the flying fish that soar in the sky.

And some felt that fish falling from the sky was something straight out of a Stephen King novel. Maybe this will be the inspiration for his next book?

One thing is for sure…the residents of Mexico City are going to be on high alert when they are walking outside if they want to make sure they don’t get a fish in the face.