Guy Makes Huge Mistake During Proposal To Girlfriend, Video Goes Viral

Popping the big questions can be a very stressful experience for a guy. There is often a lot leading up to the big day as he does everything in his power to make sure the proposal gets executed just as planned.

Unfortunately, these types of moments don’t always go as planned.

Seth Dixon had it all planned. He was going to propose to his girlfriend, Ruth Marie Salas on a wooden bridge at Loose Park in Kansas City, in front of some of the couple’s closest friends. His romantic side got the best of him and he was looking forward to a breathtaking moment when he would get down on one knee and ask his true love to be his forever.

But, as luck would have it Dixon’s shaky hands dropped the ring and it ended up in a not-so-great-place.

In the video below, you can witness Dixon’s awkward moment as he gets down on one knee in front of Salas. She is clearly taken aback by the moment and puts her hand over her mouth, covering her shock. And then it happens…Dixon drops the ring and it manages to bounce along the wooden slats before falling right in between two slats, and landing in the water below.

“It really did fall. I heard the plop and we looked over the bridge below,” said Salas. “We didn’t really finish the proposal so I’d hope he would propose again.”

The $4,000 ring which was not insured has completely disappeared somewhere below in the murky water and divers haven’t even been able to find it. But, the couple had fun with the incident and had a photo shoot with 30 of their close friends, reenacting the moment. The photo shows the friends in the water and on shore, acting like they are looking for the ring, as the couple stands on the bridge looking down below, with frazzled looks on their faces.

Luckily they had a good attitude about the whole situation. Had they allowed themselves to get upset over the situation, then it would’ve just made matters worse.

“After a long, hard search all the divers came up empty handed. The couple left with no ring in hand but a heart full of love and memories to last a lifetime,” said Staci Dabney, who took the photo of the group.

Since the incident, the couple has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money to get a new ring for their engagement.

Engagement rings have seen their fair share of mishaps in the past. Since they are a small item of jewelry that lives on one of the most-used body parts, it’s not surprising that they get lost in sink drains or eaten by pets. They’ve even been known to fall off the bride’s finger before getting scooped up by a vacuum cleaner. You have to be very careful even when washing your hands when you have a diamond on because soap is slippery and causes the ring to loosen and it could ultimately end up going down the drain.