Government Of Island Injects Dogs With Cleaning Products And Drugs Because They Annoy Tourists

PETA and a number of other animal charities have made an extremely shocking discovery on the island of Mauritius, a popular tourist attraction in the Indian Ocean. They discovered that a lot of stray dogs on the island are given drugs mixed with cleaning products via injection so that they would no longer be able to “annoy” tourists. The otherwise joyful paradise known as Mauritius managed to hide a disturbingly dark secret.

Footage released show a number of dog catchers that have been funded by the Mauritian government hunting down homeless dogs.

They claim that the dogs are annoying tourists – so they wanted to get rid of them.

Similar incidents occurred four years ago which were uncovered by the Daily Mail, and the government quickly suspended the despicable activities because they feared backlash and tourism boycotts. However, it seems like the dog hunters are at it once again.

In extremely graphic footage released by PETA UK, you can see a man inside a cage full of stray dogs. He injects them with drugs mixed with cleaning products and fruit salts, to make the solution cheaper. The sound of the howling dogs is indescribable. It’s astonishing how anyone could be a part of such needless animal torture and killing. No anesthetics were ever used.

The bodies of the dogs are taken care of later as they’re thrown and buried in mass graves. Tourists had absolutely no idea that this stray dog culling was even taking place. The Daily Mail reports that workers of the laughable Mauritian Society for Animal Warfare were given a bonus for each dog they were able to capture.

The footage also shows that practically all stray dogs were taken – even those who were clearly minding their own business and not being a nuisance at all. One worker holds down the dogs to keep them from escaping, while another injects a lethal cocktail into their heart.

The images are downright disgusting.

“Homeless dogs have a hard enough time surviving as it is, without being hunted down and killed in painful ways.

‘The only civilized and effective way to curb the population of stray dogs is to prevent more puppies from being born in the first place by implementing a comprehensive spay-and-neuter program – which is precisely what we’re calling on the Mauritian government to do,” director Elisa Allen of PETA said.

In the original investigation in 2012 conducted by the Daily Mail, it was estimated that between 60,000 and 80,000 stray dogs were killed.

The animal organization has now started an online petition against the recent animal cruelty in Mauritius, which you can sign here.

Warning: the following footage is graphic.

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