Girl’s Caught Off Guard By Teacher Until Sight At Front Of Classroom Makes Her Bolt From Her Seat

Sitting in a classroom when the weather is beautiful outside is really tough. Kids start tapping their pencils on their desk, staring out the window, and watching the hands on the clock tick by slowly.

Couldn’t their school day speed by a bit faster? The problem with spacing off while stuck inside at school is that kids are bound to get busted by the teacher for not paying attention.

Nobody likes having their name called out, especially for daydreaming. Twelve-year-old Kailee Johnson was working hard in class one day, but had trouble focusing that morning.

That’s because a part of her heart was overseas. Kailee was propping up her heavy head with her hand while listening to her teacher try to educate a bustling classroom – but Kailee’s thoughts were elsewhere.

It had been almost one year since she had seen her big brother Colin in person, who was a deployed Marine. Sure, they kept in touch with video capabilities, but it just wasn’t the same.

She really missed him and today was proving to be a bit tougher of a day. But Kailee had no idea that her day was about to change drastically.

While engrossed in her classroom assignment and wishing time would pass by faster, Kailee’s teacher called out her name — loudly. Every classmate’s head snapped around and stared right at her.

She was caught off guard and quickly tried to figure out what she had done. But then it hit Kailee why the teacher said her name – and it had her bursting into tears and sprinting from her desk!

The other students were just as stunned as they watched the entire scene unfold. Be sure to press play on the video below to see Kailee’s special “surprise,” which is sure to leave a tear in your eye too!