Gas Station Worker Notices Man With Shaking Woman, Tells Her To “Stand Behind Me”

There are moments in life when your gut tells you something is off. Most of the time, we ignore these feelings and continue about our day. But one amazing gas station clerk followed his gut instinct and now he’s being hailed as a hero! That man is 25-year-old Manveer Komer. Manveer works the night shift at a gas station in Philadelphia and has seen some crazy things before – but when a young man and woman walked into the building, Manveer sensed something was wrong right away.

Without saying a word to Manveer, the man ushered the woman he was with over the ATM. After they were unable to withdraw money, the man walked over to the counter and used the woman’s card to make a purchase. Manveer noticed that the woman was shaking uncontrollably and knew he had to step in. He looked at the woman and bravely said, “You come [stand] behind my back. I’ll help you. No problem.” Manveer had no idea what the exact situation was, but he knew this woman didn’t want to be with the man any longer. The woman was obviously frightened by the situation and didn’t move a muscle – so Manveer took things one step further. He pretended to have a gun in his pocket and approached the man. Things could’ve gone badly fast, but Manveer knew he was the woman’s only chance…

Instead of fighting back, the man fled in the woman’s car! That’s when the woman, a respected doctor in the city, revealed he had carjacked her earlier that day and forced her to withdraw cash all around town. The alleged kidnapper also stole the woman’s phone, which is how police officers were able to track him down minutes after he left the gas station. Without Manveer’s quick thinking and bravery, there’s a good chance the man would’ve taken her life. Learn more about Manveer’s incredible actions in the video below. This story is proof that it pays to listen to your gut!