Firefighter Delivers Stranger’s Baby On Call, Blindsides Everyone Two Days Later

They say that things happen for a reason and our paths are crossed with certain people who make our lives better.

One South Carolina firefighter learned this firsthand. While working his regular shift in Myrtle Beach, Marc Hadden thought he was having a fairly normal day, until something spun his world around and changed his life forever. An emergency call came in from a woman who was suffering from abdominal pain.

He and his partner showed up to the scene and realized that her abdominal pain turned out to be labor.

“It was a pretty serious call for us,” Hadden said. “We got her on some oxygen, started some IVs and literally as we were getting ready to leave the parking lot in the ambulance, my partner said, ‘We’re about to deliver a baby right here.’ We had no time to prepare. Before we could do anything — we hadn’t even cut her clothes — Gracie came right out. Immediately she was handed to me.”

That same day, the baby girl was put up for adoption, as her mother was homeless and didn’t have the needs to take care of her. As luck would have it, Hadden and his wife had wanted a baby girl and right then and there they jumped at the opportunity that was presented to them. They decided to adopt baby Gracie.

Just two days after Hadden delivered the baby, in November of 2011, he and his wife took her home, naming her Rebecca Grace Hadden. And four months later, in March, the couple was granted full custody.

“She’s amazing,” Hadden said, about his five-year-old daughter. “She takes gymnastics, she’s getting ready to start kindergarten next year at the school where my wife teaches. She’s a pretty remarkable kid.”
Rebecca Grace isn’t the couple’s only child, as they have two sons who happily took their new baby sister in.

“Most days it’s business as usual, getting Gracie to daycare or gymnastics or soccer,” he added. “Every once in a while it will hit us, usually when we’re out on a date night, ‘Oh my gosh, my wife and I have been together for 15 years, we have three kids now!’ Sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming … but we wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

This is a perfect example of how all things happen for a reason. If Hadden hadn’t been working that night, he would’ve never met his future daughter. He was certainly at the right place at the right time.

Several commenters shared their appreciation of the situation…

“God put you there when she was born for a reason. It’s so amazing how God works in our lives. This little baby now has the family she was meant to have.”

 “Much respect to her birth mother. Takes a strong woman to carry a child to term, and give her up so she may have a better life~ I hope someday they will once again find each other.”

“God bless the babies mom for the courage she had in this tough situation.”