Fans Of “Gold Rush” In Disbelief As Todd Hoffman Belts Out Hauntingly Beautiful “I Can Only Imagine”

When the eighth season of the Discovery Channel’s show Gold Rush ended, one of its dominate figures Todd Hoffman announced that he and his gold mining crew would not be returning for the eighth season. That’s because Todd had finally listened to his fans and planned to pursue a music career. He had already released several performances online and had received several serious offers to pursue a professional singing career. One such offer blew his mind.

Todd was asked to sing for an online trailer for the incredibly heartwarming Christian movie “I Can Only Imagine.” The movie focuses on the tumultuous life of Bart Millard who suffered physical and emotional abuse inflicted by his father Arthur, who is played by Dennis Quaid in the movie. Bart’s parents divorced when he was three and after his mother remarried, she left her sons to grow up with their abusive father. But when Arthur becomes terminally ill and Bart ends up taking care of him, his father finds the Lord. The change in his father is shocking.

Bart discovers his amazing singing voice in high school and ends up becoming a professional singer with the Christian band MercyMe. His hit song “I Can Only Imagine” became a cross-over success nearly 20 years and is still the bestselling Christian single of all time. Todd was thrilled to be asked to sing the online trailer, which features Todd in the great outdoors interspersed with snippets from the movie. Listen to Todd’s performance in the video below and enjoy his beautiful rendition.