Driver Spots Tiny Girl Alone On Road, His Heart Instantly Drops When She Points To The Cliff

Jasper National Park is nestled right in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, where its beautiful glacier-fed lakes and lush alpine forests attract tourists from all over the world. Ironically, it was the once-in-a-lifetime sighting just outside the park that actually took one family’s breath away, and it was far from being pretty.

As their car inched closer to something squirming on the side of the road, dad slowed down car, just in case it was a baby bear! However, it quickly became apparent that this was no wild animal. Dad, mom, and their son were stunned when they spotted a tiny girl frantically waving at them to stop!

When dad got out of the car, he was apprehensive when the girl guided him towards the edge of a very steep cliff. He couldn’t see anything through the thick blanket of trees, but he knew something terrible must have happened right before he got there.

Earlier that day, 5-year-old Lexi woke up dazed and confused, only to discover that she was trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. Her baby brother was crying in the seat next to her, and mom had been knocked unconscious.

The poor girl had a very difficult choice to make – she could either stay put and hope that someone would find them, or do the unthinkable and leave her family behind.

Lexi somehow managed to remove the 5-point harness on her car seat, and then trekked up the 40-foot cliff in her bare feet. Although the thorny underbrush was painful, she was totally focused on the accomplishing the most important goal she’d ever face – saving her family!

When paramedics finally arrived, they had to use ropes to reach Lexi’s mom, Angela Shymanski, and her brother, Peter. Rescuers were astonished to learn that Lexi had climbed up to the highway with nothing other than her bare hands and feet!

Lexi’s timing couldn’t have been more perfect. When first responders reached the bottom, they discovered that Angela’s heart had stopped beating. Had it not been for the tiny girl’s dogged determination, they wouldn’t have found mom in time to resuscitate her!

All parents are proud of their kids, but Angela has a very good reason for believing that daughter is the most amazing person on the planet:

“When I look her at her, she’s the reason I’m alive.”

The strangers that stopped their car and comforted Lexi in her darkest hour are also to be commended for their kindness! Watch the video clip below to find out what happened to mom and the baby, and why Lexi’s dad can’t stop crying.

Check out this video to see why this tiny 5-year-old girl is everyone’s hero!