Doris Day Comes Out Of Hiding For Rare Interview, Dishes Secret No One Knew Until Now

Once America’s Sweetheart, actress Doris Day left her Hollywood fame behind in 1973. She’s carried some amazing memories with her from those days in the spotlight, however, and, in a rare interview with Fox News, Day gave some inside scoop on one of her past co-stars. Day spoke of her dear old friend and The Doris Day Show co-star, Rose Marie, with Day explaining that they became fast friends.

Rose Marie, who had played Sally Rogers in The Dick Van Dyke Show, recently got the documentary treatment about her life in Wait For Your Laugh. Rose Marie worked with Day from 1969 to 1971 and when Day’s show ended in 1973, that star retired and instead turned her attention to animal rescue.

That time with Rose Marie, however, paved the way for a lifelong friendship, as Day explained to Fox News: “Ro and I hit it off from the first time we met nearly 50 years ago and have been friends ever since. We spent countless hours on the set of my TV show talking and laughing. I loved working with her, but you couldn’t call it work because we had so much fun. We’ve stayed in touch all these years with regular phone calls, especially on birthdays and holidays.”

Day discussed how the two women faced tragedies, with Rose Marie’s husband, Bobby Guy, passing away in 1964 and Day’s third husband Martin Melcher passing in 1968.

She explained: “We were both widowed, single moms and talked a little about that. I knew she loved Bobby very much. It seemed she was always taking home movies on our set. How fun [it is] for me to see those people again in the film and to remember what a fun and fantastic time we had on that show.”

Day spoke fondly of Rose Marie, saying, “And to hear her talk about me so warmly — I feel the same way about her — no one makes me laugh like Ro, and I always look forward to our calls.”

Rose Marie is a fan of Day too, telling Fox News: “Oh my God, that’s the sweetest person who’s ever lived. We had more fun, more good times than I think two people have ever had working together. We talk to each other once a month on the phone. We talk about good times. We have a wonderful conversation every time we talk.”

She added, “We’re very close. Whatever you think about Doris, it’s true. She’s as sweet and as wonderful as anybody you’ve ever known. I just adore her.”

Commenters on the story were thrilled to hear about Day and Rose Marie’s enduring friendship, with many noting that the two are definitely from a classier stock of Hollywood stars than today. One commenter noted:

“There is nobody in Hollywood today that can hold a candle to either of these two ladies. Pure class and talent.”

Others felt nostalgic over the interview, with one person noting:

“I’m so happy I read this. Boy, did the memories of my childhood come flooding back. I am so glad I grew up in that era.”