Dog’s Reaction To Owner After 6 Months Of Deployment Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Everyone loves a good reunion video… in this case, the moment a dog who hasn’t seen her owner in six months doesn’t disappoint. The video shows an empty room as a man’s voice is heard calling the dog’s name while entering the home. The dog comes springing excitedly into the frame, tail wagging, barely able to get to her owner fast enough and jumping into his arms before he can even reach the top step.

It’s a joyous reunion for both parties, with plenty of hugging, face licking, and squeals of happiness. He asks, “Did you miss daddy?” and the reaction easily confirms that his pooch is beyond overjoyed to see him again. His pet can’t bear to break away from him, even for a second, as he gets up to walk and she still bounces to him for the love and affection she’s missed over the months.

He finally gets to a chair so he can really give the dog the attention she’s craving, with the dog fully jumping into his lap for more kisses and hugs and petting. She even seems to talk to him when he asks if she missed him. If only we could speak dog language, but it’s clear that she’s saying “I missed you SO much, where have you been? I love you! Don’t leave again!” Well, that’s probably the gist of it, anyway.

He speaks back to her yelps and howls, saying, “I know, daddy was gone a long time.” He asks, “Why are you shaking? You okay?,” as her howls become softer and she cuddles closer.

People commenting on the YouTube video were loving the reunion, with comments such as: “The bond between a dog and a human is so special,” “My eyes are just sweating, I swear,” “and that’s why I love animals more than people,” and “manly tears were shed.”

One commenter noted that they thought the dog said something in human speak, noting: “I can swear I heard that dog say ‘I missed you’ when the owner first asked @ 0:29.”

Another person tried to decode the dog’s excitable communication:

“I hear, ‘I missed you so much, I thought you were NEVER coming back! Mom doesn’t do the dog food right! I met a nice puppy down the street, I saw 6 rabbits!’”

One person added to the discussion, noting:

“I believe I hear Bugaboo say, ‘I love you!’ more than once. To me, all that other verbal & physical communication CLEARLY says, I love you with all that I am, I missed you with all my heart, I never want to be apart again, but if you must leave I will guard all that you love until you return. God bless you too, Bugaboo.”

Another commmenter pointed out how a cat reunion wouldn’t have been quite so special, noting: “Cat would be like ‘oh you’re home? ok.’”

One commenter made this observation about animals, so take note: “This is proof. Animals do have emotions and are very intelligent. We all need to appreciate their part in the world and treat them with respect.
This brought tears to my eyes. Amazing! Also welcome home  Lt. Daugherty, you are obviously a very loving Daddy to this remarkable dog.”