Dog Is Supposed To Herd Sheep. Instead New ‘Technique’ Has Everyone Laughing Out Loud

Sometimes we get a little distracted when it comes to work. Most people can admit that this kind of thing happens. We find ourselves getting bored, zoning out or thinking of other things. Sometimes even acting out because of it. Turns out, the same can be said about animals too. Nelson the ‘part’ Norfolk terrier is no exception to this.

Despite his short and tiny stature Nelson is a force to reckoned with and he has one job: to herd sheep. But on this particular day his owner stepped outside and captured a sight he’d never seen before while Nelson was on the job. Turns out the little guy decided to use a different technique when it came to his shepherding for the day.

As his owner looks on, he quickly realizes he must pull out his phone to record the sight before him. Tiny Nelson isn’t doing the shepherding but is in fact the one being chased after! His owner cracks up in the background watching the sight unfold and trying to get Nelsons attention to come to his side, but this tiny pup isn’t having it. In hilarious fashion, Nelson continues to run as the sheep flee after him. Watch for yourself and see why the footage is causing so many laughs all over the Internet.