Dog Escapes Burning Home But Best Friend Doesn’t, Returns 8 Weeks Later To Look For Him

Long after a fire destroyed their home, a dog found his cat sibling alive, under the floor.

Christine and John Marr faced one of their biggest fears, a fire in their home. The fire was so bad that during the rescue by the brave firefighters, the Marrs were still semi-unconscious. Even so, Christine and John were able to tell them that they had three pets, two cats, Ringer and Smoke, and a dog, Chloe.

The firefighters bravely went back inside to search for the Marrs’ fur-babies.

They discovered that Smoke died and couldn’t find Ringer anywhere. Chloe was spotted hiding in the bathroom.

The firefighters got right to work reviving Chloe and making sure she pulled through, even using oxygen masks. The Marrs were saddened by the fire and the fact that only one of their three fur-babies made it out of the fire alive, at least to their knowledge.

As time passed, the Marrs and Chloe tried to put the experience behind them as best they could.

During the eight weeks following the fire, the Marrs returned to their damaged home multiple times, both for insurance reasons and personal ones. According to Christine, over the dozens of times she had returned to the fire-ravaged home, she repeatedly called out for Ringer, who had never been found. She still had hope that Ringer had somehow escaped and was nearby.

That hope finally came to fruition when Christine and John brought Chloe along on one of their trips to the home.

Pretty soon after arriving, Chloe was acting odd. At first, the Marrs just assumed it was because she hadn’t been back since the fire, but they would soon realize Chloe sensed something else.

Chloe even licked at the floor in one part of the home, trying to dig beneath it. The Marrs pulled her away, but she kept returning, three more times. Christine and John decided to pay attention to Chloe’s method of communication.

They found a flashlight and shined it into the hole in the floor. As soon as they did, there was a faint meow.

The Marrs still didn’t have their hopes up that it was Ringer; they assumed it was a stray cat. Even so, they tried to get the cat to come out. After using cat food as a lure, the feline left the spot, and they realized it was Ringer!

In an interview with Fox 17, Christine explained:

“In the dining room, there’s a little small space and she kept getting her head down in there. […] I shine the flashlight down there and I hear a cat meowing.”

Christine was rightfully shocked when she saw Ringer:

“I was like, I can’t move. I can’t move. This is Ringer, this is Ringer, John! He goes ‘I know.’ This is our cat that has been missing for two months. And Chloe just found him down in this hole.”

They immediately took Ringer to an emergency vet, as he was not in good shape.

After all, he had been living under the floor for up to eight weeks without food or water. Based on his condition, the vet calculated that he had been trapped for a minimum of four or five weeks and might not have had water for almost the entire eight weeks since the fire. During his ordeal, he had lost about half his body weight. Christine said:

“We’re assuming he was probably eating bugs and spiders and stuff under there.”

After treatment for dehydration and malnourishment, Ringer is back to good health. He is certainly thankful to his sister, Chloe, for saving his life, even if he can’t express it.

The Marrs are ecstatic to have Ringer back and can’t believe that he survived.

Christine put it accurately enough:

“How is this cat alive? This cat is a miracle.”

Christine told reporters, “I think he’s used a bit more than nine lives.” This was a happy ending for Christine, John, Chloe, and Ringer and an amazing tale of what dogs can do.


The family is moving on, and Chloe and Ringer are back to interacting like they did before the fire.

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