Diners Are Eating With Baby, Look Behind Counter And Eyes Go Wide Seeing Manager’s Actions

Parents appreciate when restaurants offer special family nights with cheaper pricing. It really helps with the budget and allows families to enjoy a night out together.

At Frenchy’s Chicken in Houston, Wednesday night is their big night with a two-piece fried chicken special accompanied by delicious, warm sides. The place is always packed.

Frenchy’s restaurant manager Ahmed Elmadhoun knows that the lines are long on Wednesday nights with all of the customers vying for a piece of his mouthwatering, fried chicken. Lowe Petties and her husband Andre stopped by one Wednesday evening to enjoy some warm fries with their little girl Journee.

That’s when they noticed an upset woman standing in line with a three-year-old girl. It was difficult not to stare. The woman asked to speak with the manager privately.

Lowe overheard the woman ask the manager if she could order the fried chicken special for her granddaughter, who was starving. But she would have to pay Ahmed the following day when she expected to receive her income tax return.

As it turns out, the woman had eight grandchildren at home and she had no more food or gas. She had no money either. They were in despair.

She promised Ahmed that she would leave with him her ID, her social security card, whatever he would take to hang on to until she could pay him back, that’s how desperate she was to feed her family. Some store managers might balk at trusting a potential customer down on her luck.

But not Ahmed…

He bought this distraught grandmother not only the fried chicken special for her and her granddaughter, but paid for 25 pieces of fried chicken, along with a family-sized serving of fries and greens. He threw in some bread, drinks and cake all out of his own paycheck.

Lowe’s heart soared when she witnessed the generosity Ahmed showed toward the woman. But then what Ahmed said to the grandmother next compelled her to share this encounter on Facebook.

“He told her you owe me nothing and if you get hungry tomorrow, come back.”

Lowe’s husband Andre wasn’t about to sit idly by and watch the kindness of strangers unfold before him without chipping in, too. Andre and a complete stranger also eating at Frenchy’s went with the woman to put gasoline in her car.

She added to her post:

“Look at God!”

Ahmed told KHOU11 News that the woman seemed relieved and genuinely appreciated his gesture. She couldn’t believe it when he told her to come back again the next time the family was hungry and had nowhere else to turn.

“That makes me really happy they went home and all ate. We all need a little help now and then.”

This big family went from an empty gas tank and rumbling stomachs to full bellies and warm hearts all thanks to the kindness of complete strangers. What a blessing these people were to a family in need!

Watch this beautiful story with a happy ending in the KHOU11  video below.