Daughter Goes Under Knife For Dad In Need Of Kidney. 8.5 Hrs Post Op Reality Strikes

Hailee Stender and her family were crushed when her dad and their patriarch John was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure. The situation looked bleak. The only option at this point in his health journey was to be placed on a transplant list and hope a kidney from a matching donor would be found soon. A match would have to be determined first with a blood test to make sure that the donor and John were compatible, followed by two more blood tests, specifically tissue typing and cross-matching. After her father was given two years to live, Hailee knew what she needed to do.

Hailee volunteered to be tested and see if she was a match. She is the only biological child out of her and her two siblings. She would be considered a living kidney donor, which often is a close family member. While a genetic link between a donor and a recipient isn’t necessary for a kidney transplant. This was huge — Hailee would be undergoing major surgery and giving up one of her organs. But it was for her dad whom she loved so very much. So both prepped for surgery at Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Ohio. Her sister AnaRosa, who was adopted as a newborn from Ecuador, documented the family’s experience, which is shared in the video below.

Hailee testified that she was thrilled to be able to “help save my dad’s life.” It was considered a selfless act by family and friends, but Hailee said she deep down inside really wanted her dad to walk her down the aisle in her wedding someday. In the video below, you’ll see the two part ways prior to surgery, a bit of nervousness evident in their demeanor. But after the 8.5-hour surgery, Hailee was wheeled into her dad’s recovery room where she couldn’t believe what she saw. Watch the video below and learn if the surgery was successful for John and how Hailee felt after making such a wonderful sacrifice.