Daddy Says “Show Me Your Pouty Lip.” Baby’s Comeback Has Internet In Laughter

This little one has Dad wrapped around her finger. Whenever she shows her famous “pouty lip,” Dad’s heart melts. There’s nothing he can do to stop her adorable pouty lip, so he taught her how to stick out her lip on command! As Mom rests Baby on her lap, Dad asks her to do the pouty lip! Her reaction is almost too cute for words. Thank goodness Dad thought to record his daughter’s extreme pout and share it online so everyone could see for themselves! By the looks of things here, Dad is going to have one animated young lady on his hands!

Just after Dad asks Baby to show the pouty lip, she breaks into fake tears! According to the Medical Daily website, babies fake cry for a variety of reasons. In fact, the site says that a majority of children’s tantrums may actually be fake. This type of behavior might be an easy way for babies to get Mom and Dad’s attention. The best way to check if crying is fake is to wait for pauses – this means to watch your baby carefully and see if they pause in between tears. If they don’t and the sobbing wails on, the tantrum is real! If Baby waits to see if you’re paying attention after a few seconds of crying, it could be fake! While fake crying can be tough for exhausted parents, a child doing so is a sign of healthy development. Thankfully, this little one’s fake tears only last for a second before the pouty lip comes out!

Dad watches with a smile on his face as Baby sticks out her bottom lip to show the most adorable pout ever! She’s definitely full of entertainment – and they wouldn’t have it any other way! Take a peek at Baby’s hilarious (and super sweet) pouty lip in the video below. She’s too funny!