Dad Sets Twins Down To Change, Recorded Footage Of His ‘Technique’ Is Hard For Mom To Ignore

Having a baby is a challenge, but having two practically means you can kiss any of your free time goodbye. It also means double the fun and double the trouble.

In this video, we watch a dad try to get his two rambunctious twins into their onesies, but he’s not having any luck getting the job done! Dad doesn’t know it yet, but he’s in for a long night of baby wrangling!

But, instead of helping out her struggling husband, mom grabs the camera and films the hilarious scene as it unfolds. Mom couldn’t miss this opportunity to share her hubby’s adventures with their babies.

Dad lays each baby down on the floor on top of their outfits, but of course these cute little nuggets didn’t want to stay put. The first carpet puppy crawls away before he can even get her arm through the sleeve!

Dad reaches over to grab her, but as soon as his hands are fully occupied, the second twin takes off like a rocket! It almost seems as if these cheeky tots planned their fun escape plan ahead of time.

But, this dad is super determined to get his kiddos dressed up and cozy warm. Now that his wife is recording him, he has to succeed!

Instead of throwing up his hands in frustration, dad just smiles and goes with the flow. He knows when he’s been beat!

Realizing that he only has a few seconds with each baby, he soon figures out a clever technique to getting them into their onesies. Although to be honest, mom probably could have done it much faster.

This young dad can certainly use some pointers from his wife. He’s giving it his all, but it’s still just too funny!

Watch the video below to find out if this overwhelmed dad wins this playful wrestling match.