Dad Calls For Pup To Come In Only To Have Her Antics Crack Up The Internet

It’s time for Tasha the pup to come inside for dinner! But, even after hours of playing in the yard, she still not ready to ditch the comfort of the great outdoors. Every time Dad opens the door and calls for Tasha, she ducks behind the perfect hiding place and stays there until she hears the door close. Thankfully, Dad knew about Tasha’s hiding place and was able to record her silly reaction on his phone! Her “sneakiness” is something that everyone should see – she’s just too darn funny!

According to, hide-and-seek is one of the most fun games you can play with your dog. But unlike Tasha and her Dad, the human usually is the one to hide when canines play! The site explains that you and your pup can play hide-and-seek even better with these simple steps. The first thing you need to do is get your dog’s attention by grabbing its favorite toy or calling its name playfully. Once the pup is paying attention, run off into the house! Be sure give the “sit, stay” command first and have a hiding place in mind already. After you’re tucked away in your hiding place — it could be somewhere easy like behind the chair, or somewhere hard like under the bed — call your dog by name! Award-winning dog trainer Kathy Santo told that the pup will respond to its name at first but switch to its scent-related instincts while searching for you!

While Dad and Tasha’s game of hide-and-seek is a little different, it’s still adorable. Each time Dad closes the door, Tasha’s little head pops up from her hiding place. Take a peek at their hilarious nightly routine in the video below! We should all cherish our dogs as Dad does with Tasha!