Dad Dies Before His Daughter’s Wedding. Bride Loses It When She Sees Who’s Walking Up To Her

Without a doubt, weddings are some of the most fun we can have. They unite two families and are extremely fun parties. When people plan these events well, they can be memorable for a lifetime. Weddings are known for costing a lot of money, but when people take on the challenge to do some of it for themselves or enlist help from creators on for their paper flowers and other crafts, they can save some cash. But if there is any time to spend money, it is during a wedding. While modern weddings are breaking from tradition, one that has endured is the moment when the bride’s father walks her down the aisle. It is a touching moment that both the bride and groom appreciate. But Andrea was not so lucky. Her father had suddenly died before her wedding. She was not going to have him there to walk her down the aisle and to do the first dance. She was heart broken…

But there was nothing she could do about her father’s death. That’s why Andrea and her soon-to-be husband continued planning their big day and got all the things in order. And when the time came, they were ready to pledge their lives to each other in front of both their families.

Nevertheless Andrea couldn’t forget her father on her special day. She had been looking forward to him walking her down the aisle and taking her out to the dance floor for the father daughter dance. But her father, Mark, had passed away earlier that year from pancreatic cancer. This form of cancer is very deadly and about 91 percent of all patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer die within five years.

Not only is pancreatic cancer aggressive, it is also tough to detect in its early stages when it would be easier to treat. But after it is detected, patients have treatment choices including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a combination of these, as well as natural supplements.

During their wedding, Andrea was ready for the dance. The wedding guests all thought that she would do the father daughter dance with her eldest brother. But instead, a voice suddenly burst forth from the back of the venue.

The announcement said the wedding was “missing someone very special.” And instantly everyone knew who was being talked about.

Her brother was speaking. He wanted to give her a special time because he knew how hard it was to lose her father before her wedding.

Her brother then said he was doing “something special for Andrea and dad today, knowing that dad would be elated to be here.”

Then he invited family members to come up and all participate in the dance with the bride.

Because her father couldn’t be there, Andrea first danced with her grandfather, Mark’s father, and then her brother Luke and Nick and finally, Scott, her new father-in-law.

Watch the video below to see the heartfelt moment unfold. What do you think about this special moment?