Dad Assumes These Two Boys Are The Ones Bullying His Son, Vile Revenge Is Caught On Tape

Parents will do everything within their power to make sure their children are healthy and happy. And now that I’m a dad to a baby girl, I understand how fierce parents protect their little ones. They will do absolutely anything to ensure their children get the right thing in their lives. But when parents hear that other children are bullying their son or daughter, they become understandably angry. But in the video below, one furious father took things a bit too far. In the clip, the angry dad launches himself into a brutal assault on the two boys he suspects of bullying his son. He has no mercy for these would-be bullies and wants to make sure they understand that his son is off limits. The violent beating took place at a children’s playground after dad found them.

The angry father begins his confrontation using words. He shouts at the boys. But soon enough he is using his fists. He knocks one and then pushes him to the ground. After beating up the first one, the 34-year-old father targets another boy and screams at another group.

Meanwhile, the beaten boy lies on the ground defeated. He has hopefully learned his lesson now that the father of the bullied boy has beaten him to a pulp. And now the boy can only think about his bullying ways and try to figure out how he wants to move on with his life – not as a bully.

Meanwhile the other boy who is on a swing is clearly afraid of the angry dad that is shouting at him. Because the other boy is on the ground in a beaten up pulp, the cowering boy and his friends can only look at the dad in horror.

The beating took place in Russia’s southwest region of Krasnodar Krai. The beating continues until another adult comes over and talks some sense into the father who was beating the bully.

After the abuse, the mother of one of the attacked bullies, who is named Olga, told the media that the angry father was beating up 9-year-old children. And she says it was just usual “locker-room” talk that happens on playgrounds with children this age.

“Initially the confrontation happened between the boys,” Olga said. “My nine-year-old son Ratmir and his pal Timur were out on the playground, when one of the neighboring boys approached them and started being pick at them and throw food around.”

She said that her son “shooed” the bullied boy away and that’s when the furious dad stormed over and started using his fists instead of his words. He grabbed Olga’s son’s hair and shoved him around.

Olga was horrified that her son was assaulted by the father of another school-age boy. She said he stayed on the floor and “played dead” so the father wouldn’t beat him any more. And when the angry father was done, the boy got up and ran home as fast as possible. The boy now has nightmares and is terrified of the playground. The father traumatized the boy.

Fortunately, the boy was not seriously injured. Olga has brought the incident to the attention of the police who are investigating.