Cruise Passengers Who Were Locked In Their Cabins For 60 Hours Straight, Finally Speak Out

When passengers forgot to wash their hands on the Sea Princess cruise, a disgusting outbreak of gastrointestinal strife started spreading like wildfire among the passengers. Because people began suffering from severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea just two days into the two-week-long cruise, the crew decided to take drastic measures to ensure it did not spread to more passengers.

On Thursday morning, the crew decided to dock the ship in Brisbane after some 200 passengers started suffering from the gastro problem. Then they locked them into isolation to help contain the virus and stop it from spreading. But the passengers, including Helen Perry, felt like they were infected with something much worse than a gastro bug. And soon they started to feel like prisoners aboard the Sea Princess.

57-year-old Helen Perry revealed to the Daily Mail Australia that cabin crews locked her in her cabin for 60 hours shortly after the ship left the port of Wellington, New Zealand. She swears that she engaged in “fastidious hand washing,” but the crew apparently had not thoroughly cleaned the ship after the previous passengers disembarked.

“Who knows when I caught it, but I do suspect it was a woman … she was green around the gills and coughing,” Perry said. “She was probably out and about when she should have been in isolation.”

Perry had been traveling on the vacation of a lifetime with her doctor husband, David. And while she was actively unwell, Perry said that the crew came in and sanitized her room twice. Then when she was able to stomach food, they gave her flat coke and some flavorless crackers.

“I certainly was extremely unwell, but not the worst I’ve had,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “I usually end up on a drip. But this time, it stopped quite quickly – by my standards!”

Perry who works as a clinical psychologist said that the Sea Princess employed “desanitizers in masks” who cleaned her cabin twice and also sent the medical team to check on her.

“I didn’t leave isolation until I had been un-symptomatic for a full day. After that I was very weak for a day,” Perry said.

Although hundreds of people were reportedly suffering the gastro outbreak just like she was, she only saw a few other rooms being sanitized.

“People were very matter of a fact about it,” Perry said. “Taking their precautions, except for some who didn’t seem to see the point.”

Although the gastro outbreak ruined her cruise experience, the 57-year-old wife accepted that sometimes life does not go according to plan.

“[I had] 60 hours in a lovely cabin with a gorgeous view … the best sick bed I’ve ever stayed in,” she said. “I enjoyed myself enormously in spite of it. I allowed myself to enjoy the downtime. Slept. Meditated. Read. Watched movies with my husband. And just looked at the sea and beautiful views from my cabin.”

The Sea Princess Cruise can hold 2,000 passengers at once. That means about 10 percent of all the passengers on board were struck with the debilitating stomach bug and isolated in their cabin.

Have you ever gotten sick on a cruise ship?