Couple celebrates anniversary with ’80s-theme photo shoot, and the Internet can’t handle it

There are some eras in time where the fashion, the hairstyles, and the decor was just atrocious. None more so than the 1980s.

From spandex to perms, lots and lots of hairspray, and giant shoulder pads… that was a decade that many like to skim over when going through their photo albums.

However, one Ohio couple decided they would poke fun at the notoriously hideous decade in honor of their tenth wedding anniversary.


Steve and Danielle VanHorn decided, for their anniversary, that they would do an 80s themed photo shoot. And it’s just as epically ridiculous as you would think it would be.


Steve told BuzzFeed that the idea was initially his wife’s but he was totally into it… like for sure.

They spent $6 at a local thrift store and enlisted Vanessa Hoffman of Giggle Monster Photography to take the photos.

“We literally took forever to get it done because we had to keep stopping to compose ourselves,” Steve told Fox 8 Clevland. “It was an absolute blast!”


Even the photographer was in hysterics. Their neighbors also had a good time wondering what the heck they were doing.

“We can’t go anywhere in town without people stopping to laugh and telling us someone showed them the pics,” Steve said. “It’s been great.”

And this wasn’t the couple’s first rodeo when it came to themed photo shoots.

“In looking at throwback Thursday pictures on Facebook and old family photos we always get a big laugh, so we thought, why not do a throwback session?” Steve told BuzzFeed. “We’ve done Western photos at the beach since our first vacation together in 2003. Those funny pics line the hallway of our home and have included everyone from parents and kids to my 86-year-old grandmother-in-law.”


Danielle already had the big hair, but Steve had to spend a week growing out that ‘stache. And the results were totally tubular!

And they got all the 80s bases covered from fanny packs, horrendous prints, leg warmers, unitards, shoulder pads, and short shorts.

But the best part of the photo shoot is their cheesy facial expressions.


“I wear a suit to work most days,” Steve said. “Our closest friends know we’re goofs but many people outside of our circle don’t know us for being quite so silly.”

We absolutely cannot wait to see what kind of theme they choose for their 20th anniversary!

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