Cops Are Called To Elderly Woman’s Home Until Discovery In Kitchen Sends 1 Straight Out The Door

Tragedy happens every day, and while we can turn off the TV and ignore the news, cops can’t turn their backs on situations they’ve been sent out to investigate. In fact, one of the hazards of the job that no one ever talks about is how police officers are constantly exposed to terrible things that they can’t “unsee.”

Although the scene that Gainesville police officers Kristen Miller and Jessica Van came across was something they’ll never forget, they were quick to think on their toes and take quick action!

The Georgia cops were doing what they thought was a routine welfare check on an elderly woman, but what they found in the kitchen had one of them heading out the door. It was a sight that no one should have to see.

Cops are supposed to be tough as nails, but the encounter with the senior ended up leaving the two younger women in tears. The Gainesville Police Department’s Facebook page described what happened after Officer Miller and Corporal Van were dispatched to Cynthia Hill’s home:

“Earlier today Officer Kristen Miller responded to a welfare check on a 92 year old female, her family was worried for her because her electricity and water had been out due to unforeseen circumstances. Officer Miller arrived on scene and found that all the food in the refrigerator had spoiled and she was out of water.”

Although some elderly folks are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, in general, the older a person gets, the less likely they are to have good health and mobility. In this case, the 92-year-old didn’t even have some of the basic necessities of life!

No one should have to live this way, and the policewomen were heartbroken at what they saw. The two officers sprang into action to make sure that Cynthia had everything she needed to comfortably get by. That meant digging into their own wallets to make sure the senior was taken are of!

“Officer Miller found out that she had no means of transportation and couldn’t make it to the store. Officer Miller and Corporal Jessica Van immediately took action, Cpl Van stayed with the female while Officer Miller went to the store and purchased some consumable items and water with her personal money.”

Officer Miller went shopping for non-perishable groceries, water, and Gatorade so that the woman wouldn’t pass out from lack of energy. She also made sure to buy some cookies, because we all need comfort food to make us happy during times of stress!

The Gainesville Police Department went on to say that they are working on getting Cynthia’s utilities taken care of. Looking out for the community is their number one priority, and it shows.

“The elderly female and her family were very grateful for Officer Millers selfless act and were glad to have her respond the way she did. This is what 90% of police work is about. We are PROUD to SERVE.”

This is just one example of what police officers do every single day that tend to go unnoticed. In this case, Officer Miller and Corporal Van did what any human would do – act out of the kindness of their hearts!