Car Found In Desert After 2 Weeks, Cop Opens Door And Gasps At Miracle Inside

Dianna Bedwell and her husband Cecil “Paul” Knutson are proof that you should listen to your wife when she says to ask for directions and avoid shortcuts. Their sad journey started when Dianna and Paul took off for their son’s house in Calfornia. First, they stopped at their favorite casino just north of San Diego. Unfortunately, the cards weren’t in their favor, but the couple hoped their luck would turn around that day. They had no idea that Lady Luck was out of their lives for good…

After the casino stop, the couple was back en route to their son’s home. Everything was going smoothly, but then Paul decided to take what he thought was a shortcut through the desert. Instead, this move was the final nail in his coffin. Paul continued down the rough dirt road for several miles before Dianna convinced him to turn around. When he finally listened to her, Paul accidentally careened off the dirt road and got stuck in a rainwater gully. With just a creampie and bag of oranges in the trunk (and no drinking water), it seemed as though their time was up. Paul, a diabetic, was able to hold on for one week before passing away of a heart attack. It was up to Dianna to stay motivated to survive!

Dianna spent another week portioning out orange slices, avoiding the unbearable California sunlight and drinking her own urine to survive. She passed the time by reading a book about Heaven and wondering how Paul was doing up there. Just as Dianna was about to give up hope for good, an off-roader noticed their pinned car and called the police. Would officials make it to Dianna in time? Or was she ready to join her husband in Heaven? Learn more about the daring rescue mission to save Dianna’s life and recover her husband’s body here.