British Woman Scams The Scammer Trying To Seduce Her, Has Internet Dying Of Laughter

In case you didn’t know, there’s a special separate Facebook Messenger inbox that filters out messages from people who aren’t your friends. For most people, when they get a random message from a complete stranger — they ignore it. But that’s just most people.

A British woman received a Facebook message from someone named Anil Khullar from West Bengal, India. Of course, she suspects Anil is a scammer — so, she decides to have a little fun.

Ever since the dawn of the internet, people all over the world have been trying any which way to scam people out of money. There’s something about the anonymity of the world wide web that makes people feel like they can say, do and pretend to be anything or anyone they want.

Most of us are familiar with the stereotypical “Nigerian Prince” scam. You know, the one where you receive an email asking for a large sum of money to help with some major crisis, and in return, you receive a percentage of the said large sum. Classic money scam. That’s basically what this ‘Anil’ character was trying to pull off.

At first, Anil attempts to hit on the woman in a very sexual nature. Right away, the woman starts playing along with the scammer’s game.

As she continues to mess with Anil, he seems hopeful that she could possibly be the poor sap that falls for his online scam.

Anil continues to try and entice the British woman with some very sensual moments.

And, finally — here comes the Indian man’s masterful plan. It’s all starting to make sense.

She hilariously continues to play into his scheme with sarcasm, he still doesn’t seem to understand that she knows exactly what he’s doing.

Now, the woman starts to take things up a notch and mess with this spelling. He still isn’t getting it.

Her next tactic? Try to seriously confuse and embarrass him.

It turns out that Anil is pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to get this money. Too bad for him, he’s be mocked mercilessly.

Why not add some public humiliation to the mix? Also — did the British woman reveal her alias, Fellatia McSuckle?

You’d think she’d be satisfied at this point, but no.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you — the grand finale.

And, of course, he has to try and get one last jab in. Sorry dude, she wins.

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