Brain Scan Of Young Child Is Making International Headlines. Parents Have Warning For Others

Before you become a parent there are several things that you wouldn’t even think of as being harmful to children lying around your home. It is for this very reason, that new parents struggle with knowing what is safe and what is not safe for a toddling child. It’s hard to establish what kind of trouble a child could possibly get into when he/she is able to crawl and walk around.

Sometimes, we don’t give them enough credit for their strength and fail to think of the many things they could pull down while trying to stand up. Most parents are aware of the normal things, child-proof plugs in outlets and locks on cabinet doors, but it’s hard to be prepared for every single thing that could get in the way of keeping your little one safe and unfortunately, some parents have to learn the hard way.

When a Chinese toddler, Chen Chen was jumping on his bed, he slipped on a ball in mid jump and fell off the floor. Sounds like he may have had a pretty hard landing right?

It turned out to be a lot worse than a bumpy landing. Instead, the toddler’s head managed to land directly on a three-prong electrical plug that had been lying on the floor. And as luck would have it, he landed right on the prong so it inserted directly into the upper left side of his head.

Luckily, his parents responded quickly and got him to the hospital where doctors were able to remove the plug after a grueling three-hour surgery. As of now, doctors won’t know if Chen Chen will have any long term injuries but they are pretty optimistic the boy will be alright.

It’s nearly impossible to baby proof your home 100% and things like this will pop up, but the best thing you can do is be prepared and question every single thing that enters your home. Shelves that are too low can easily be pulled down.

Shelves that are too low can easily be pulled down and fall on the tot. And even worse, if that shelf has an item on it that is dangerous, such as glass, then your child could end up severely cut.

Nowadays, it’s exceptionally hard to baby proof homes with so much technology around. Recently, one girl had unplugged her cell phone while she was in the bath tub and she ended up with burns from the electrical shock.

If you don’t have a child yet, but plan on having one, it might be best to meet up with some parents who do have children. You can invite them over and have them show you all the no-no’s when it comes to making sure your home is child-friendly and safe. You may just learn that there is something you would’ve never thought of that is lying around your home. And if you question whether something is safe or not, then chances are…it’s not safe and it’s best to remove the item.

Luckily Chen Chen will be okay, but surely his parents were petrified when they found the prong in his head.

Have one of your children or grandchildren ever found themselves in trouble like this?