‘Bodyguard’ Steps Onstage, Brings House Down With Whitney Houston Classic Viewed 9 Million Times

We all know the iconic “I Will Always Love You” song by Whitney Houston.

The world-famous singer released the song in 1992, which is technically a Dolly Parton cover of 1974. In only two weeks, the song became a number 1 hit in the world and stayed number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks in a row, a record during the ’90s. This comes as no surprise; it takes a special kind of talent to sing this song.

The vocal abilities needed to sing such a powerful song are not easily found.

Additionally, to be able to perform this song in a correct manner, one needs to add sentiment, emotion, and talent to their vocal abilities. It is about being able to reach those incredibly high notes while keeping the song flowing and not losing the momentum.

But one person was able to achieve this and completely blew people’s minds while doing it.

Romy Monteiro, a 25-year-old girl from the Netherlands, performed this song at the “Voice of Holland” competition in 2014, and her talent won over the hearts of all the judges, as well as the viewers. With her incredible voice, she flawlessly performed “I Will Always Love You.”

She sang with passion and emotion, and her voice did not once gear off track. Her singing remained perfect during the entire song, and it sounded a lot like Houston. Those listening to the song without knowing that Monteiro is actually the one singing it might easily think that they are listening to Houston. The similarity in their voices is unprecedented, as well as the similarity in their ability to pour their hearts and feelings into the song.

Although it took the judges quite some time to turn around, they all made the decision as soon as she sang the part that includes high-pitched notes.

Two of the judges stood up and stared at her with amazement and wonder while she concluded her song. One of the judges turned around at the very beginning of the song, as he directly realized that the girl had a great potential. Monteiro is a born singer and shows great passion.

Monteiro has since then become a professional musical singer and actress and performs in a Dutch musical called “The Bodyguard.” She is Dutch, but her father is of Angolan descent. Her mother, Antje Monteiro, who was supporting her during her performance at the competition, is also a musical actress and raised her daughter on her own after Romy’s father left the family.

Although she arrived to the quarterfinals at the “Voice of Holland,” the talented singer did not win the competition.

The public was disappointed at her loss, because they had all recognized the incredible talent that she had. The judges loved her vocal abilities, and Monteiro’s performance quickly increased her popularity, which helped her boost her career path afterward.

After leaving the “Voice of Holland,” Monteiro decided to join “The Bodyguard” musical, where she received the main role of Rachel Marron. In 2016, she received a Musical Award for her role in “The Bodyguard.”

In 2017, Monteiro decided to go back to singing Houston songs and published her own CD called “A Tribute to Whitney” with different Houston hits. This album ended up being number 1 on the Album Top 100 chart in Holland. Since then, she moved on to becoming a TV presenter for a Dutch program called “My Father Is the Best.”

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