Baby Penguin Embarrassingly Big For Pouch But Refuses To Move Out Until Dad’s Finally Had Enough

Emperor penguins start their families in the brutally cold Antarctic winter where temperatures drop as low as a chilling 60 below zero Celsius. After the females lay an egg, they head for the sea to feed while the males huddle together and perch the eggs on their feet to keep the eggs warm under their bodies in a special pouch with a skin fold. Once the eggs hatch, the chicks are clothed only with a very thin layer of down and cannot regulate their own body temperature. Since it takes almost 50 days for them to be able to warm themselves, they remain in the brood pouch toasty warm.

When Mom has returned from feeding, both she and Dad take turns caring for baby. In an absolutely adorable BBC Special called A Penguin’s Tale, we follow the adventures of a cute little baby named Snow Chick. Mom has not yet returned in the episode below, so Snow Chick and its pals are hanging out with the dads. Snow Chick is incredibly fluffy and precious, but also chilly. While Snow Chick’s mates have figured out how to huddle together for warmth in the midst of the adults, Snow Chick just hasn’t seemed to catch on.

So stubborn little Snow Chick tries to seek warmth and comfort from good ol’ Dad. But this pudgy and feathery little cutie just won’t fit! No matter how hard the baby tried, it was not happening. Dad wasn’t thrilled with his little buddy’s attempts either and tried pulling him out from underneath his legs. He wriggled right back on in there, so Dad waddled around looking quite uncomfortable and awkward. Finally, Dad kicked him out of the brood pouch. So what did poor Snow Chick do next? Watch the video below and see if this little sweetie received anymore cuddles and snuggles with Dad or what he is forced to do to stay warm.