Baby Can’t Reach Snacks In Fridge. His Brilliant Solution Has Mom Rolling With Laughter

Living with a baby can take patience, no matter who you are. In fact, moms are always racing to keep one step ahead of their ornery munchkins and stop their bad habits before they start. Most of us know that bad habits surrounding food actually starts in childhood.

As a parent, you may have tried plenty of times to stop your wee little one from picking up mysterious crunchy things off the floor and shoving it into their mouths like a Hoover vacuum. But, the moment your back is turned, they’re back to scanning the tile for the next tasty snack.

A tasty treat is exactly what the the adorable kiddo in this video clip was searching for, and by the looks of it, nothing was going to get in the way of satisfying his grumbling belly! However, mom can’t stop laughing when she finds out her baby has cornered the family’s pet basset hound in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, keeping an eye on your baby 24/7 is next to impossible. The second your eyes glance away, your kid will start doing the one thing you told them not to do. Even if you’re able to catch them in the act, that’s still only half the battle!

It’s especially difficult when your baby enlists the help of someone you least expect. As soon as mom saw that her mini-me was in cahoots with a formerly well-respected family member, she may as well have raised the white flag and admitted defeat.

When she hit the record button, mom probably had no idea that her kid had such amazing upper body strength, or that he’d soon be flying by the seat of his diaper!

In the video, we can see the two stand in front of the fridge pondering their next move. That’s when the lil’ guy expertly climbs onto the doggy’s back! Basset hounds have famously short legs, which made it super easy for the energetic nugget to hop on board.

But, now that the baby was at the top of this furry ladder, how would these two renegades actually pull off this fridge food heist? Those heavy doors weren’t going to just pull themselves open.

Check out the video below to see a baby and his pup form a funny partnership in their quest for food. Wait until the “tail” end to see the pooch put a new spin on this action flick. Awww, it’s a good thing mom was there to “catch” everything as it unfolded. Her little guy was in safe hands all along.

Watch this video to see how a baby and a dog team up to pull off this funny fridge heist.